Bodydeep Music is a recording studio and record label based out of Redwood City, CA and is the sister offshoot of Toothless Monkey Music.

NEWS - 11/11/14 New release of another instrumental reggae /funk album from The Left Hand Side - The Left Hand Side II. Get it free but please donate to your favorite charity in exchange for our efforts.


9/23/10 New release of instrumental reggae/funk album "The Left Hand Side" - buy it here Featuring Jae Hendrickson (Seconds On End/Bacon), Nick Peters (Seconds On End/Soul Patch), Jeb Taylor (Five Eyed Hand), and Ryan Vandebrocek (Bacon). Guests abound (Tony Khalife, Scott Deringer, and some tasty baritone sax from SF session player Elijah Samuels). Here is the official webpage describing the album and songs.

First instructional DVD is now complete for legendary bassist Bobby Vega.

Also recording tracks for Jeff Titus, including a recent track for a compilation with pianist Brad Hoyt.

December 23, 2008 - release of Seconds On End - California Sky

• 2008-2009 clients and off-label projects included:

Soul Patch - Sooner or Later
• Tony Khalife - Transcendence
Montana Slim String Band - Slim Pickins
Jackie Long - Yoga With Your Baby soundtrack
Madison Blues Band - Eponymous EP
• Acacia being produced by Chris Rossbach and Bobby Vega


Bodydeep Music's
first official release
Seconds On End - California Sky


Bodydeep Music offers heavily discounted rates for on-label artists in exchange for shares of sales and distribution rights. Please email Nick Peters for more information.


• State-of-the-art digital recording
• Mixing
• Mastering
• CD Design and Reproduction
• Limited run CDR Printing

• Call (650) 520-0673